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About Me:

Name: Michael
Age: 23

Ok, let me start off by getting the basics out of the way i am short 5-6 i have a shaved head and grey, green, or blue eyes dependent on my mood that day.  I am a shy person, i like to drink... sometimes to much, i smoke alot, play pool, and sit on the computer thats about it.  I am happily single for the moment i just got out of a long term relationship about seven months ago yet i am still best friends with my ex.  The poem My Beautifull Angel is about her along with other poems; moving along now i am a very normal person i don't whorship satan or anything like that i am ANTI orginized religion and have no clear view of a god if he does or does not exist and weather or not he is an ass, i listen to all types of music my favorites range from Marilyn Manson to Snoop Dogg to Beethovan and Mozart.   Anyway like i said i am very normal if you want to know anything else just ask.